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Service/product description:

Target Audience description:

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Inscription that should be used in the logo:

Slogan, name explanation, line of business (food, investment, etc.)

Elements which should be included in the logo:

Graphic element:

Please describe your graphic design vision and mention the images which can be used

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What company image should be created with logo / corporate style:

Which colors you prefer?

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What is the main purpose of the new logo.

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 Please name the companies you like or their websites

In terms of manufacturing, your corporate style should be economical, or we can use original design solutions: Design paper, embossing, finishing, etc.?

Corporate style carrier types:

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Company name development

Which brand variants are associated with your company business?

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Indicate what makes you different from other similar companies? What is your uniqueness?

Please specify the ideas if you have any.


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