D.Clinic, a multidisciplinary medical clinic, was founded so that each patient could feel safe in the hands of their doctor. D.Clinic was created by a team of caring Ukrainian entrepreneurs with an active civil position. In real life, they faced the problem of chronic renal failure (CRF), so they know from their own practice that a person with this diagnosis is daily forced to go through even more circles of hell than in Dante’s poem “The Divine Comedy”.

Since 2014, they have carefully assembled the best team of doctors, immersed themselves in all the nuances of dialysis machines, and fought the bureaucratic state machine.

As a result, it was possible to create a private center for patients with chronic renal failure. And the main thing is that this is just the beginning. To effectively promote the clinic’s services, our agency has developed the D.Clinic brand from scratch, including the design, strategy, and advertising campaign.

Symbols and fonts


The name is made in a typeface of the grotesque class. A distinctive feature of this font family is the absence of serifs, which favorably increases expressiveness, readability, and attention.


The symbol consists of two elements: it is an ornamental combination of the outline of a tablet — a symbol of professional activity — and an image of a heart — a symbol of love for one’s work and patients

Logo D.Clinic

The D.Clinic logo consists of an inscription — the typeface of the clinic’s name and the corporate symbol (sign). For a better perception, the logo is made in a laconic style. The grotesque typeface of the name is in harmony with the sign.

The main version of the D.Clinic logo is a vertical composition of the lettering and the brand name, centrifugal on top of each other. This version is used by default for all online and offline communications.

If such placement is not possible, use a horizontal display: the sign on the left, and the name of the clinic after it.


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