EUROPASS has entrusted us with the full range of marketing and design services and signed a contract for full support. Therefore, we had to explore a new niche for us — consulting services in the field of immigration and business launching in Europe.


The basic version of the logo is the name “europass” in a grotesque typeface. A distinctive feature of its family is the absence of serifs, which works beneficially to attract attention.

Also, the logo complements the corporate element — letter “e” inversion, which is used as a visual anchor, accentuating the look of the logo.

Brand identity

At the moment, we have already made a corporate identity: name, logo, and guideline. The corporate identity was based on the colors of the flag of Slovakia, the country where the brand is developing. A website and a digital promotion strategy are under development.


We also continue our fruitful work with this company, so stay tuned for the news, we have a lot of achievements ahead.


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