Dignified relationships must evolve and reach the next level. Including the relationship of the brand and the agency. That happened in our cooperation with the author’s dentistry IRIS DENT.


We developed for them a marketing strategy, a new logo, brand book and identity. Fruitful design support resulted in the birth of a new brand.

Process of creation

The co-founder of the clinic, Tamara Nespryadko-Montborne, has a request to create her own youtube channel. The sixth generation dentist, a talented orthopedist with an impressive work experience, has something to share with the audience. And we were given a task: to come up with a name, develop a logo, identity and all the design of the channel.

This is how STomaTalk was born. In the title, we integrated the name of the expert himself – Toma, played with the consonance with the word «dentist» and used the semantic connotation of the word «talk» – «casual conversation».

The idea of ​​the channel

The idea of ​​the channel: it is easy to talk about the difficult, funny about the scary, destroy the myths and fears of people associated with dentistry in general and with orthodontics in particular. Therefore, we also made the logo and the entire corporate identity light and funny, in bright colors that bring exclusively positive to the image of the channel’s content. Based on the developed identity, you have made all the motion-elements: animated intros, cutouts, dies, titles. As a result, the viewer swallows the videos easily and with pleasure. This is rarely achieved with educational content, especially medical content. But we did it.


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