The owner of “VODA UA”, Dmitry Nikiforov, contacted our agency to create a design for a new eco-friendly packaging for an existing product.

This table water meets the highest quality standards. It is bottled in a high-tech production facility that is certified according to the food safety management system ISO 22000:2005. Therefore, the packaging had to look 100 out of 100.

Main idea

One of the key ideas was that the “VODA UA” brand was the first in its segment to decide to use biodegradable packaging instead of traditional plastic ones. While 93% of the world’s bottled water is still made out of plastic.

The two-liter container is 100% recyclable and is made from 80% recycled cellulose; that is, not a single tree was cut down for its production. Even the lid is made not of plastic but of palm oil and is attached not with glue but with ultrasound.

“It’s not just water in cardboard. This is an ideological and socially responsible position”,

— the company representatives commented on this step.

Therefore, the design of the new cardboard packaging should have turned out to be as progressive for the drinking water market as the entire eco-policy of the manufacturer —


“Our design team used an atypical element for a label — infographics. You won’t attract attention with ordinary text, but with the help of infographics, we conveyed the key advantages of the product to buyers. Together with a non-trivial color scheme, the product stands out favorably against the background of competitors”,

— commented our COO, Anatoly Kompanichenko.

The blue packaging now sells water extracted at an altitude of 480 meters above sea level. And the black pack contains water from the highest water intake in the country — 1040 meters. We have presented this data in the form of infographics.

But to get this water, now you do not need to climb such heights. You can order water with delivery on the «AT MARKET» website.

Packaging details

Another important infographic on the packaging concerns the key features of “VODA UA”. Namely, this is water not from wells but from the Carpathian mountains, which comes to the surface by gravity.

It is not subject to human intervention; there is no physical or chemical correction; antibiotics, preservatives, and minerals from the outside. Its acid-base balance Ph 7.4-7.6 is exactly the same as the balance of cerebrospinal, cellular, intercellular fluid, lymph, and human blood.

Amazing, right? We also thought so and brought this infographic to the very top of the package on one of the edges of the pack.

“VODA UA” is living Carpathian water, a healing gift of nature. And the least we can thank nature for is to create a decent package.


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