How to sell through building a personal brand

It is a widely held view that a site, a logo, a brand book, and other elements of corporate identity are necessary exclusively for companies. While for promoting the services of a specialist or an artist, it is enough just to carefully run social media accounts. Taras Gorbul, the founder of the marketing agency Superheroes.ua, shared two cases that refute this idea and gave general recommendations for creating a corporate identity for personal brands.

Universal tips for promoting a personal brand

From the experience of my agency and my personal experience as a producer, I can choose a few tips for creating corporate identity attributes for personal brands.

1. Fast & even faster!

In today’s fast-paced world, you have too little time to ‘hook’ a person. Over the past 20 years, the average duration of human concentration has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds. And the average duration of content consumption on social networks has dropped to 2 seconds. Therefore, the most important thing that you want to tell about the person, should be conveyed quickly, in a flash. In order to do this, you have to clearly define what the most important is.

2. A real pro.

It is necessary to give a potential client a clear understanding of the professionalism of the specialist. First of all, you need to break the stereotype that ordering a service from a company, a studio or an agency is always safer and more reliable than from a professional working alone. Hence, any media resources must contain customer feedback, certificates of training and qualifications, any confirmation of the quality of services, and for some services – confirmation of their safety.

3. “Monkey see, monkey do”

The herd instinct is an integral part of human nature. It is necessary to create a very clear impression of the individual being popular and in demand. For each specialist, this may be different information: a tight schedule of speeches, collected together publications in the media, video interviews, and photos from projects.

4. Remember about money.

Corporate identity should be consistent with the fee of a specialist and immediately give the understanding of the price segment he or she works in. If everything is too “posh”, it will repel customers who are looking for cheaper alternatives. Quiet sad, if the real prices are more than affordable. And vice versa: those who work in the premium segment should make sure that all their public appearances correspond to the preferences of demanding customers.

5. Don’t create cognitive dissonance.

Corporate style should not contradict the personality. It is not a good idea to make pink business cards using powder cardstock with gold monograms for a tattoo master or a financial adviser. Corporate identity should correlate with the character, lifestyle, values, and activities of the person you are helping to build a personal brand. After all, the main thing is to be, rather than to seem.

Case 1: ANGY

In May 2019, we started working with the personal brand of the artist Angelina Demchenko, who creates her works under the name of ANGY. She was preparing for an important exhibition and she set us the task of getting the most out of the event. In our language of marketing specialists, it meant to monetize this art scene and to turn people, wandering thoughtfully from picture to picture with a glass of prosecco, into leads. We created all the necessary elements for promotion: a corporate identity, a logo, a website, POS materials, and accounts in social networks. Specially for the exhibition, we developed non-standard business cards in the form of Polaroid pictures. The exhibition was a success, and the site angy.com.ua still helps the artist sell paintings, workshops and merch with prints based on her works.

ANGY, an artist:

“I have doubled the number of clients and changed the portrait of the audience. Previously, mostly men bought paintings, and currently I am contacted by many women interested in online and offline learning. Now I am absolutely happy because I only do what I am an expert in – I draw and I teach to draw”.

Case 2: DJ Lutique

We were approached by a musician Vlad Chekhovych, known as Dj Lutique. He has been building his personal brand for 20 years. His name has been heard of for many years: his remixes of Alla Pugacheva’s songs have gone viral around all CIS countries, and there are almost no sites left in Ukraine where he hasn’t performed. However, many years of communication with customers have shown Vlad that people’s understanding of ​​his activities is incomplete. For example, few people know that he writes music and arrangements for many Ukrainian stars. And he addressed us to add the missing puzzle elements to his personal brand.

We have created a logo, photo and video content, and a brand new website djlutique.pro. There we gathered in one place all the information about the artist, his achievements, written and produced tracks, mixes, live performances, set-lists, clips, news, and tour schedule. The site has become a calling card of the artist, which impresses a booker, an art director or a client in a matter of seconds. As a result, it allowed Vlad to increase sales of his services both as a DJ and as a sound producer.

Dj Lutique, a musician, composer, sound producer:

“It makes sense to use a website as a DJ’s business card: I’m not a manicurist to give the link to my Instagram page, and I’m not an advertising agency to send huge presentations to e-mail. Communication with customers has become much easier as now I can send everyone to the website. As a result, the time between the first communication – a call from an interested person and the order itself has significantly reduced.

Source: Sostav.ua

Author: Taras Gorbul, the founder of the marketing agency Superheroes.ua

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