Is speed the main thing?

Speed ​​is an opportunity without which it is difficult. But! In the era of digital reality and the horror of 5G that sweeps the world, it’s time to rethink some of the approaches. Agree, it is quite difficult to find a company that does not have working chats in Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack or Viber. Chats multiply and multiply at a speed close to the speed of light. They are created every time a micro / mini / maxi problem needs to be discussed. They are there for jokes, party discussions, to complain about executives, or simply because they forgot to delete this very chat a year ago after a failed tender.

It’s very convenient. In any incomprehensible situation, there is a chat room where all colleagues will immediately put aside their affairs and help find an answer in correspondence, client contacts, or whatever.

And the question arises: is speed good or bad?!

The chats / groups relaxed us. Review your correspondence at the end of the day. How many REALLY important questions were there? We stopped thinking for ourselves. It’s easier for us to shift our question to someone. Better yet, a group of people. As in the well-known game, where there is “room help”. We are not referring to someone in particular with these “arrangements”. Otherwise they would have written him in a personal message.

We kind of tell everyone: “I have an important question.” And everyone who is lower in status than you is immediately looking for an opportunity to prove themselves. And those higher up are meaningfully missing the message.

Or the well-known case of “choice” of anything. Let’s have a corporate party ?! Remember WHAT after this message rushes in the correspondence? You can’t just take and ask about this in a group!

But where did the office culture and respect for the personal space of employees go? Previously, we prepared a list of questions before the meeting, appointed responsible persons for some tasks, then asked them addressed to them. Not everyone in the general chat.

Each had HIS working hours, not total. Not in between responses in a hundred chats to stupid questions or, even worse, comments under memes. And God forbid you, Lord, to miss a message from someone who is higher than you in this strange hierarchy.

This is where all sorts of newfangled time tracking, efficiency accounting and task managers appear. And all would be nothing, but they are also not about speed. You need to: compare, choose, customize, fill in, check.

I am sure that I have not found a solution to the general problem of “workload” and “I do not have time to answer everyone.” But I know for sure that after turning off the phone for 30 minutes, I sat down and wrote this text.

Everyone has their own speed. But the anchors that slow down the dynamics are most likely similar.
Speed ​​is good. Abuse of messengers is bad!

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