It all starts with analysis

Scanning, diagnostics, analysis – as soon as we do not call this process. In fact, this is just a start. Theater begins with a coat rack, treatment begins with a diagnosis, and a marketer’s job must begin with analysis.

The analysis is an uncomfortable, painful in places and very exhausting procedure. But obligatory! As in the case of medicine: if you do not make a diagnosis, the doctor will not be able to cure, maximum to remove the symptoms. But marketing “to the top”, “slipshod” is definitely not about us.

We deeply scan the product, conduct sessions with customers and their employees, and identify all problems. Just like a responsible psychiatrist: we bring them out into dialogue, and in some places even out of their comfort zone. In the end, they have to drop their fears and confess – to tell us all the pains, experiences and suffering. After all, only after realizing the cause of the pain, the patient agrees to treatment. And he takes the same step on the way to a reasonable attitude and restoration of the health of his business.

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