Brand is a group of visual or/and physical objects that consumers associate with a certain company, goods or service. Those associations are based on particular colors used in a logo, company’s name or goods.

Branding is a process of brand creation aiming to identify a certain business in the market,
Its future and financial success significantly depends on how the brand looks, sounds or tests.
Brand creation consists of many stages from manufacturing a product to marketing and advertising.
Brand promotion primarily depends on a target audience that is supposed to support it and spread its recognition.

The main purpose of branding is to create a brand recognition, raise product or service consumption, make business more popular and establish a loyal audience.
Our branding agency works on product improvement. We analyze whether it corresponds to the current market demands and make brands more prestigious.

For 10 years Superheroes corporation has developed and promoted different brands on Ukrainian markets, as well as on the markets of Europe and USA.

As part of our branding program we offer the following services:

  • analysis of market competitors;
  • mockup creation;
  • guidelines development;
  • logo and special company identity design.
Analysis of competitors
The development of each brand is based on a solid analytical foundation. The brand analysis begins with the analysis of the market, competitors and potential target audience. At this stage, we identify the current needs and requests of the target audience.
Layout of mokaps using branding
The Superheroes often faces the task of comprehensive brand development, which includes naming, logo development, identity, and the company's website.
Hydline development
A guideline is a kind of guide to the elements of corporate identity. But in reality, it is something much more valuable. The guidelines helps you understand what kind of person your brand has and how the business presents itself to the customer.

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