To whom did the crisis reclassify us?

Salesperson sounds strange. The current situation in the world made us look differently at the distribution of working units. This has already happened in Ukraine. In 2008-2009, 2013-2014 and here it is again.

Even the growth in the number of freelancers from Ukraine in the world could not prevent a drop in rates in the market for remote professionals. And then a dilemma arises: step on the throat of principles, or revel in freedom, trying to stay afloat?

Judging by the latest data from various agencies, most freelancers in the world are ready to start working for an uncle, subject to a possible part-time job. This part-time job can be both for yourself (a conditional billion-dollar startup) and prosaic projects for money.

The market for freelance defectors is not that big. These are marketers, specialists in the event industry (which has been stagnating for a month now), programmers of all stripes and levels, and even salespeople. It is especially interesting with the latter, because work for a clear salary has sharply become more attractive than the previously “independent” scheme of work for a percentage.

Why, then, the salespeople, who have been drowning for “freedom” since the beginning of the market economy, suddenly decided to follow the well-trodden path of office plankton and say goodbye, for a while, with the proud title of “they feed the wolf”?

Pandemic, masks, conditional distances of 1.5 meters – all this has nothing to do with this situation. It only accelerated the inevitable that was already hanging over the army of salesmen and their stupid bosses. These are online sales.

The digital world has spawned even more of its sales force. What once could easily be done by one person is now distributed among 3-4 specialists. Because it is getting harder and harder to reach customers in our world.

Let’s compare past and present sales of a washing machine.

1. Algorithm of actions 5-10 years ago.
– Drive through different (two or three) shops.
– Find “your” seller – the one who will bring from the warehouse not Taiwanese, but the most, that neither is, Italian thing from the very presentation.
– To give the seller a chance to charm us – to ask many different questions, using all your knowledge and remembering scripts from all trainings.
– Add money to the cashier.
At the same time, the seller spent a lot of time, but we paid for it. This means that the income for the owner is lower, and this goes against his business plan.

2. Purchase equipment today.
– After a hard day with a tablet on my stomach, lazily stretched out in a chair, we google “buy a washing machine Kiev”.
– Well, then you know: links – reviews – price comparison – order – credit card – delivery.

Where is our salesman here, you ask? At every stage. Only now he proudly calls himself “digital specialist”, not suspecting what potential is hidden on the other side of the monitor.

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