VODA UA switched to eco-packaging

According to the forecasts of futurologists, water will be the reason for fierce wars of the future while conflicts for oil and territory will become a thing of the past. This year, for the first time ever, water futures have appeared on the stock market. Even now, a liter of water is more expensive than a liter of gasoline at gas stations in the UAE. How shall we respond to this trend?

First of all, it is time for the inhabitants of the Earth to realize that the topic of ecology has become so acute that it concerns every single one. From 4,8 to 12,7 million tons of plastic get into the world ocean annually. Scientists have found microplastics in Arctic ice, dust, and tap water. And all this gets into our body and negatively affects the endocrine system. In 2019 scientists found out that the average adult consumes about 50000 microplastic particles per year. Therefore, reducing the use of plastic packaging is an extremely important and urgent step for each of us.

Secondly, we need to understand that modern filtration systems are not able to effectively purify tap water from plastic microparticles. Hence, it is necessary to look not for filters, but for water from alternative sources. The Ukrainian brand “VODA UA” realizes and solves both of these problems. It uses 100% bio-recyclable packaging instead of traditional plastic one and provides highland Carpathian water.

In Ukraine alone, almost 2 billion liters of bottled water are sold per year. Moreover, 93% of all bottled water in the world is water in plastic packaging. The consumer today can consciously choose only the remaining 7% of water in more environmentally friendly containers. According to a global survey, conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value in 2020, 4 out of 10 consumers consider sustainability when choosing brands. And every second person is ready to change their consumption habits in order to reduce their negative impact on the environment.

In their turn, manufacturers can make an even more significant contribution to saving the planet from plastic – to reconsider their approach to packaging. For example, the “AT MARKET” company for the first time in Ukraine released the Carpathian water VODA UA in 100% eco-friendly packaging. The two-liter container is 100% recyclable and it contains 80% of recycled cellulose, that is, not a single tree was cut down for its production. Even the cap is made not of plastic, but of palm oil, and is attached not with glue, but with ultrasound.

“It’s not just water in a carton. This is an ideological and socially responsible position,” the company representatives commented on this step.

The design of the new cardboard packaging was developed by the advertising agency Superheroes.ua. And this design is as progressive and original for the drinking water market as the entire eco-policy of the “AT MARKET” company.

“Our design team used infographics, which is an unusual element for a label. It is difficult to attract attention with an ordinary text, whereas with the help of infographics, we conveyed the key benefits of the product to customers. Together with a non-usual color scheme, this favorably makes the product stand out among its competitors,” said Anatoly Kompanichenko, COO of the agency.

Water collected at 480 meters above sea level is sold in the blue packaging. And the black packaging contains water from the highest water intake facility in the country – 1040 meters. “The closer to the sun water is, the more valuable it is. Only mountain water from the Alps, the Pyrenees or the Carpathians does not require boiling. As when it gets to the surface of the mountains, it is cleared of all impurities and heavy metals. We have free water for free people,” explained Dmitry Nikiforov, owner and CEO of the VODA UA project.

“The less we take from water and bring into it, the more biologically active it is and, therefore, more useful for humans. We should remember that water is organic. And after removing or adding something, it tends to return to its original state and becomes aggressive. Many of our diseases are caused by the use of such “wrong” water.” This way Dmitry Nikiforov explains why he chose a unique source No.1 situated in the isolated terrain feature Lisinets in the Carpathians, where there are no sources of pollution for tens of kilometers around.

Source: Sostav.ua

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