Why online doesn’t have a soul

Let’s put our future in a short perspective
In five years, there has been a quantum leap in human evolution. 2025 year. December. 7 am. Your personal artificial intelligence wakes you up, turns on the coffee maker in the kitchen and downloads data from yesterday’s conference via satellite channel. The data is sent directly to your brain. The part that is responsible for memory. The same memory compartment contains the databases sorted by partitions. In the education section there are 24 clusters of licensed software purchased from top missionary coach and lifestyle gurus. One of the clusters contains a file with an unusual topic “History of the curvature of mass consciousness as a result of the 2020 pandemic.” You visit this file very rarely, and recently it has become less frequent. The conclusions that you could make by analyzing this information are blocked at a certain stage by the standard security system. This system, by analyzing your brain activity, blocks unwanted thoughts. This is how the world neural network functions, covering the entire planet. We call it Online.

2020 year
The world event market lies. A huge industry that has fed millions of people around the world has lost over 90% of its turnover. Event marketing has hit the Great Depression. Offline events continue to be canceled and rescheduled. The old schemes developed over the years stopped working. The time has come for transformation. Transformation of consciousness and business processes. We call this era “Turbulent Levitation.” Large corporations with strong financial leverage are looking for options to diversify their business assets. They need to inform the market and customers about their changes. They need conferences – those mass events at which they always find new clients and partners. Where future deals were discussed over coffee or a glass of glade. Where they always met colleagues in the shop and could not stop talking. We found ourselves in a time when being forms consciousness.

During the pandemic, each of us uttered this word a huge number of times. Objectively, the current situation has forced us to become much more online. New digital elites have begun to form, driven by restrictions due to the pandemic. And all at the same time rushed to integrate into the global network. The causal relationship worked. Online began to strongly move offline positions. So quickly that certain entrepreneurs could not get away from the knockdown for a long time. And some have not yet come to their senses. Flexibility becomes the main skill. If your business is not online, then it does not exist – a phrase that has become an axiom. And everyone has the same question in their heads: “What to do next?” Today no one can give a clear answer, what will happen in a month. But everyone is starting to use the tool given to us – online. Who is like. Many new directions have become active in the event business. Zoom calls have become a daily routine. Online events began to become segmented, VR conferences, multi-level platforms with Q&A rooms and exhibition halls appeared. Today, only the lazy did not start filming online formats.

During the heyday of small business in Kiev, a market opened at today’s Olympic Stadium. Then it was called Republican. Any things were sold there. Everything from socks to mink coats. The most top jeans were tried on on cardboard. It was a high-end bazaar. There was no other.

What is happening now in the online events market is very much like the Republican one. Activities are being done, budgets are being spent, the process is underway, but business representatives do not have a sense of satisfaction. There is a closed situational need. Online conferences are starting to gain traction like a small child just learning to walk. The market is just starting to heat up, there are more newcomers than professionals. Accordingly, there are more fakups than successful cases. But this is for now. Soon this train will pick up great speed. In the meantime, in all this bustle of the bazaar, we begin to feel the lack of one very important component.

Everything seems to be there: communication, negotiations, contracts and money received on the account. But something is still missing. And then we understand – this whole movement has no soul. Absolutely. Process only.

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