Axel Medical

Axel Medical

Medical equipment is a specific and difficult segment. This is a traditional business that is built according to its own rules.

And to create something new for it is a real challenge that we faced when we received a request from the company.

It was necessary to make the company’s image more modern, attractive, and “convenient” for digital.

A customer is a person close to Superheroes, who wanted to form an image of the company as one that looks neither to the past nor to the present

but only to the future! We couldn’t refuse and… Superheroes accepted the challenge!

About the company.

Since 2018, Axel Medical has been supplying and servicing medical and laboratory equipment from European and American

companies in Ukraine. The main values ​​of the company are reliability, high-quality equipment, and services.

Step 1 – Team of the project & creative storming

In our team, working with the brand starts with internal creative storming. Most of the time, it is “the place” where the leading designer is determined.

The one who understands the project better and will lead it forward, forms a team of designers and determines

the main tasks of working on the visual component of the brand. Working with Axel Medical, our super-designers team managed to capture

the customer’s sense of the product and, as a result, turn silhouettes and images into branding with meaning, correctly placing colors, accents, and graphics.

Step 2 – concept and brand ideology

If you look at the global concept of this case, you can see the point where it all begins and the lines that unite everything into figures (images).

We presented this case at “BE WINE” (International Wine Show) and “BAROMETER” (International Bar Show) before its publication,

where we talked about “design that has to sell”. There we said that the point is the beginning of the whole. This is where the universe begins.

Straight lines are periods of time that unite certain periods. And the combination of lines is the image for everyone.

For us, it is a prototype of a molecule, or crystal lattice, that unites the universe.

It all started with a point and turned into a figure.

This is an endless loop, a time loop.

This is the essence and ideology of Axel Medical: to develop the direction of medicine through

the prism of modern equipment, helping people to identify the problem in time, diagnose and deal with it.

We are convinced that the ideology of the Axel Medical brand in the visualization implemented by the Superheroes team

is the maximum hit on the target within the task we were given. And this is a win-win case (but more about that later).

Step 3 – Out of Time brand

Axel Medical is a brand with meaning, a modern brand, a brand for centuries.

It is functional, it is trendy, and it is “out of time”.

Today, when our Client negotiates, meets with partners, and participates in exhibitions or conferences,

they have cool presentation materials that confirm their competence, helping them to negotiate with the world’s top companies!

And we are really proud that this design was created by Superheroes.ua

OFFTOPIC: The secret of a win-win deal

If we were asked to describe the ideal model of interaction between the Customer and the Agency, it would sound like this:

“The client trusts us completely to the extent of our expertise, and we show the maximum result”

This is exactly what happened with Axel Medical, so we rightly consider this case one of the best in terms of technical implementation.

We hit the target, got positive feedback, and received quick approval of all the elements we needed for work.

We felt the mood and heard the wishes of the client. As a result, we managed the coolest implementation of them in the graphic elements.

We did not think about the “here and now”, but about the long-term prospects for the development of this brand and

this business, not only in the Ukrainian market but also abroad.


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