Can you build a brand in 24 days? Personally, we did it.
We launched the first budu gadgets subscription in Ukraine in 24 days – from idea to first order.

Scope of work before launch: brand name, logo, identity, marketing strategy, website, merchandise, advertising campaign.

Client request

This project had two difficulties.
1) All the listed scope of work had to be done in a very short time. Because the customer wanted to have time to launch before Black Friday. That is, our team had less than a month for everything, namely 24 days.
2) We had to figure out how to sell a completely new service for the Ukrainian market. Ukrainians already understand what a subscription to Youtube or Netflix is. And how you can subscribe to the gadget has not yet been imagined. The peculiarity of the human brain is that the incomprehensible scares away. In the language of marketers: poorly positioned product sells poorly. Therefore, we had to very quickly and simply explain the essence of the subscription to equipment and the advantages over buying it on credit.

Client’s business background

The monthly payment for a budu subscription is from UAH 1459 per month. A similar payment when buying on credit, for example, iPhone 11 (plus or minus) in hardware stores. The key advantage of subscribing to a gadget over a loan: after a year of payments, you can exchange the gadget for a newer model for free. For example, you buy an iPhone 11 on credit: you pay it off for a year and as a result, you have your legitimate iPhone 11. But this year the model has already become outdated. And with the budu subscription, you also pay monthly for a year, you also use your smartphone from the very beginning, but after a year you can exchange it for a new model. For example, replace iPhone 11 with iPhone 12.


This service is for people for whom it is important to always be in trend with the latest gadget, that is, representatives of the digital native generation. And we needed to explain the value of the service in the language of this particular target audience. Based on this, we chose tone of voice for brand communication. It’s easy to feel it in this video.

What have we done

1) We analyzed the main “pains” of the target audience and showed in a promotional campaign how the budu service solves them.
2) Corrected the business model.
3) We found suppliers of equipment at the best price.
4) We made the site budu.in.ua easier than the traditional online store. To select a model, color, memory size, you do not need to open tabs and drop-down lists of characteristics. Here, a smartphone can be selected in seconds.
5) Negotiated with Monobank representatives and entered into a partnership agreement. Now payments for subscription can be made through payment in installments of three banks: Monobank, Privatbank, IdeaBank to choose from.
6) Added the ability to sign an agreement with the bank directly on the site, without the need to contact the bank branch.
7) Implemented an advertising campaign: edited 20 promotional videos, made over 60 creatives for online and offline communication channels.
8) Printed cases for smartphones in our Super Case service. Each budu subscriber receives a gadget in a branded case.


Vladislav Dabizha, art director of “Superheroes”: To develop the identity, we analyzed the services for the sale and rental of equipment. The main task was to be different from competitors. Therefore, we chose a harmonious but contrasting color scheme – orange and purple colors. They match the bold message of the brand. We chose the basis of the identity – minimalism, because it correlates with the idea of ​​the service itself: no unnecessary actions to get the desired gadget.


The logo was made without the traditional capital letter at the beginning. This is the answer “Yes!” simplicity and the answer is “No!” the bureaucracy associated with the loan process. At the end of the logo, a stylized dot illustrates the slogan “I’ll be there.” The logo font (grotesque) was designed in bold style using a single module. The shape of the point repeats the module of the holes in the letters. Thanks to this, the logo is massive, but compact, expressive on any media and readable on any merchandise.


1) We launched the site on November 27th. In the first 3 days, we received 150 subscription applications.
2) With the help of an advertising campaign and communication in social networks with potential subscribers, we managed to break the prejudice that subscribing to a gadget is something strange and illogical.
3) With this case, we broke the stereotype that launching a brand is long, expensive and difficult. Even if the product is completely new for the country.

Client’s feedback

Tereshchuk Ilya, Сo-Аounder of “budu”: «A great feature of Superheroes is their interest and deep study of projects that fall into their hands. The team helped build the House on the foundation we came with. In the shortest possible time, we figured out all the subtleties and details of the project, and also took the initiative and helped to look differently at aspects of the business not related to marketing. Most importantly, Superheroes are punctual and keep their promises».


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