DJ Lutique

DJ Lutique

We were approached by musician Vlad Chekhovich, known as DJ Lutique. He has been building his personal brand for 20 years. His name has been heard for many years: only remixes of Alla Pugacheva’s songs have spread throughout many countries, and in Ukraine, he performed at all the well-known clubs.


But the world is changing, and communication with customers shows that the impression of Vlad’s ​​activities is incomplete. Few people knew that he wrote music and arrangements for many Ukrainian stars. He applied to our agency precisely to add the missing puzzle pieces to his personal brand.


We created a logo, photo, and video content, and a completely new website, djlutique.pro. There we have collected in one place all the information about the artist, his achievements, written and produced tracks, mixes, live performances, setlists, clips, news, and tour schedule.


The site has become a business card that makes an impression on a booker, art director, or client in a matter of seconds. As a result, sales of his services, both as a DJ and a sound producer, increased.

Dj Lutique,

musician, composer, sound producer:

“It is very logical to use the site as a business card for a DJ: I am not a master of manicure to give my Instagram, and not an advertising agency to send difficult presentations by mail. Communication with customers became easier: now you can send everyone to the site. As a result, the time between the first touch — a call from a person who is just interested, and the order itself is significantly reduced”.

Media resources

Thanks to the live Instagram feed built into the site, active and in constant motion @djlutique becomes even closer to its fans.


While creating music, the artist expresses, realizes, and gives a part of himself. Music for @djlutique is not just a tool for communicating with fans. This is his world, to which he invites everyone. And now, with constant access through the archives of the radio show, live performances, and ready-made music material built into the site.

The dynamics of creativity and lifestyle of the artist, along with today’s requirements for visual content as a tool for dialogue with fans, needed to be implemented on the site. Therefore, in addition to going to social profiles @djlutique, the site has the ability to view live performances, recent clips, and video reviews.


In the work process, it was necessary to visualize not only the nightlife and creativity of @djlutique, which we did, adhering to the basic dark shades. But also to convey those pleasant emotions, waves of positivity, and unforgettable impressions that each performance or party with the participation of the artist brings, with which the bright colors of the relevant elements successfully cope.


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