Kyiv MICE Hub

Kyiv MICE Hub

Superheroes.ua is always in touch and collaborates not only with commercial brands in Ukraine and around the world, but also with new trends

minor events, and creative needs in our country. When the newly created Kyiv MICE Hub platform needed to create branding to develop Kyiv’s potential as

a hub for international business events, we could not stay away. The Superheroes.ua team applied for the competition. And we won!

From that moment, the work on the new brand of Kyiv began at breakneck speed, because public procurement is always painstaking work in a short time!

And that made the challenge we accepted even more interesting!

About the organization

Kyiv MICE Hub (“MICE” from Meetings-Incentive-Conferences-Events, business tourism) is an information platform that represents the interests

of the Department of Tourism and Promotion of the executive department of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration)

and promotes Kyiv in the market of MICE travel.

About the task we faced with

It was critical for us to remember during our project work that the branding we created would be appreciated not only by Kyiv residents,

but also by visitors from all over the world. Therefore, it had to be simple, clear, and, at the same time,

demonstrate the attractiveness of Kyiv as a location for business events of various scales.

All the elements, symbols, and details that would form the basis of branding should create a single identity and serve as a solid foundation for

all communication that will be conducted in the future within the project.

We had to break existing stereotypes and visualize Kyiv’s strengths for the MICE market. And that’s how we did it…

1.5 months of non-stop work

1.5 months. That’s how much time was devoted to the team to analyze, create, and implement the project.

Now Kyiv MICE Hub has a fundamentally new and modern logo, brand image, visualization of branding elements,

designs for POSM-materials, advertising plans, social networks, etc.

And all this is designed by Superheroes.ua


The logo is based on a synthesis of business-ish and cultural, modern and historical, foreign and local, tourism and business.

Thus, the logo organically combined letters of the Ukrainian alphabet and images of business Kyiv.

Dynamic logo

We suggested adding dynamics to the logo. Each logo element (except the sticker) can be modified according to the context and

communication objectives in which it is used. Firstly, it allows you to show the flexibility and adaptability of the brand, and secondly,

it demonstrates the diversity of the capital as an attractive destination for business events.

Symbols and images

Symbols and images that can be used in a dynamic logo serve as separate, independent elements of the project identity.

Each of them is a clear visual image that can enhance the visual communication of the project or events that take place within it.

Color range

The main accent color of the Kyiv MICE Hub is bright blue. It conveys a sense of reliability, trust, and strength.

For a balance that stabilizes brightness, we used white and black.


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