Marketing is one of the core aspects around which you build your brand activation strategy to reach the goals. Business success depends on how effective and thought-through the marketing strategy is.

What does the Superheroes team mean by “marketing”? Just advertising, selling, developing? The fact is marketing is much deeper concept and among other things it includes the following key points:

  • understanding of your marketplace;
  • gaining a competitive edge;
  • developing a prospective market segmentation.

Engaging a constructive dialogue is Superheroes’ main way to partner with a client. We base our market strategies on our ability to hear the clients’ opinion and requirements and to deliver their ideas to the target market using appropriate techniques. By using modern marketing tools, we help to implement various business ideas.

Working with client we consider all aspects strategic marketing, competitor analysis, market research, product positioning and communication of marketing ideas to the customers.

The agency offers the following marketing services:

  • assessing your business efficiency and defining business policy on corporate level;
  • market monitoring;
  • tailoring a competitive strategy;
  • providing support and implementation of the marketing plan.
Analysis of enterprise efficiency
Analysis of the company's efficiency and characterization of its internal policy is one of the marketing services of Superheroes. The study and analysis of indicators is necessary in order to determine the starting point at which the company is located and to develop a strategy for the desired growth.
Choice of competitive strategy
There is no business which develops in isolation. In market conditions there is a constant interaction with competitors and partners, which dictates a certain behavior of market participants in their business activities. Successful development requires a clear strategy - detailed instructions for your promotion.
Market monitoring
Comprehensive marketing necessarily includes monitoring – constant monitoring of the market in order to assess it, study trends, analyze competitors. Without monitoring, it is impossible to ensure effective business.

Additional services

Analysis of competitors
Company analysis. We define internal policy at the corporate level
Competitive strategy selection
Development of creative campaigns
Effectiveness analysis
Estimation of market share and niche
Finetuning of promotion campaigns
Identification of communication channels
Identification of market orientation strategy
Identification of positioning services strategy
Identification of required resources
Marketing budget estimation
Monitoring of market
Positioning strategy selection
Pricing strategy selection
Selection of marketing complex strategies
Selection of service promotion strategy
Setting goals and objectives within marketing strategy
Support and implementation of marketing strategies
Target audience identification
Unique commercial benefits


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